Friday, June 10, 2011

Year 12 Formal

Finally the Year 12 Formal tonight.  Tom was being pretty cool about the whole affair but once he was "suited" up and Josh arrived the excitement was a bit more obvious.

He put his suit on last night so Richard could see as Tom would be gone before Richard got home from work tonight.

I was a bit worried that he'd chosen a really pale grey but fortunately it has a little bit of depth to it.  I was going to drive Tom and some of his friends to Crafers where he was catching the mini-bus that some of them had hired for tonight but then Josh decided to drive.  I was a little disappointed because I would of liked to see a few more of them all dressed up but hey, what would you choose at 17 - a lift with your mum or your mate?

Tom and Josh

Tom and Michael - my big baby and my little baby

My big baby and me

Two too cool boys

All this Formal stuff has bought back many memories of my own Year 12 Formal.  I had such a special dress - pink with frills - what more could a girl ask for??  My Dad bought me some beautiful high heels to wear and I wore Mum's pearls.  Dad dropped me off at my friends in the afternoon and we got dressed there and had our dates pick us up from there too. 

Tom's school has a rule about attendance tonight - only Year 12 students from their school can attend.  I went to an all girls school so it was a good thing we didn't have the same rule.  Would of made for a very boring night.  Of course I had to dig out my photos and have a look.

I still have the dress in the back of the wardrobe.  I've worn it several times with fairy wings as a dress-up for work.  I've also been a fairy at my friends daughter's party - that was a lot of fun.  Sadly tho I'll wear it no more unless I lose a few kilos. 

I've still got that 17 year old girl inside...and she'd really love to be dancing at that formal tonight...instead she's home alone.  


Rebecca said...

Ah those were the good old days Judith!!!! Love the pink dress. I dont think Ive see in at KG!!
How bloody tall is Tom?

Judith said...

Hard to think that dress is 29 years old, I think it becomes vintage at 50 doesn't it?? I think Tom is just over 6ft 3in. I thought he might of stopped growing but last month grew another centimetre. I think he'd like to grow a little bit more.

Phoebe said...

Did he have a great night? How exciting! He looks rather dashing all dressed up!

I went to an all girls school too and they kicked up a stink because I wanted to invite a girl to the year 12 formal! She was my best friend from another girls school across the road. How backwards is that, and it wasn't even more than 10 years ago!

Judith said...

We had to invite a boy too Phoebe. That was the great thing about Tom's formal - you didn't have to have a date. Tom's group of friends are a mix of boys and girls, so it was great they didn't have to pair up.

He had a fantastic night, enjoyed the after formal party too. Got home around 3.30am - so must of been good.

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