Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winter Wednesday - 2

Where did that week go?  It's time to join in with Hazel's Winter Wednesday

Every winter I tiptoe through the mud and puddles down to the back shed to get wood.  So last weekend I got Richard to lay me a path so I could wander down without getting wet feet.

He used the black squares that we've been looking after for the kindy since 1997.  When Tom started kindy I joined the Committee and was involved in redoing the outside play area.  As we dug things up we had nowhere to store them so lots of bits and pieces ended up down the back of our block.  Eventually most of the bits went back but the black squares were non-returnable, not needed, unwanted etc. etc. So they have graced our garden or been stashed behind the sheds ever since.

Some of the spaces between the black squares will require a leap to reach the other one but hey it's better than jumping over puddles.  Well actually this winter it would of been a hop over the puddles because....

it would seem a certain 4 legged young lady has stolen one of my ugg boots. I found this one this morning on their outside bed but no sign of the other one.  I've got my fingers crossed that I'll find it, maybe wet and soggy, but hopefully in one piece.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Oh dear Lord, a woman can not survive on one ugg boot alone!!
That dog will be in big trouble if its found in a thousand pieces!!
Good luck, it may be a long cold winter.

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