Saturday, August 17, 2013


I don't know about you but I love Pinterest.  I try and limit myself to just a little bit at a time but we all know what happens to good intentions and before I know more time than intended has passed.
I've lots of pretty pictures, decorating ideas, homes and interiors  and all sorts of "other stuff".  I've also saved recipes, craft ideas and things to do for health, beauty and well being.  So far apart from going to have a look at them every so often I've done nothing else with them...until the other night.
I have bare feet for work everyday so decided that I might try one of the foot spas to make my feet smooth ...
This one sounded good so I bought the blue listerine as suggested and already had the vinegar and warm water.  I read a little of my book, The Night Circus, while my feet were soaking and after the prescribed amount of time removed them to find my feet mildly smoother but definitely a beautiful blue colour.
I scrubbed and rubbed and rubbed and scrubbed but the best I could achieve was a paler toenails absorbed more colour than my skin.
Such a great look for work but fortunately after another extended scrub in the shower the next morning my skin turned back to normal and I just painted over my blue nails with nail varnish.
Of course I did get a few smurf comments from family and friends via facebook and text message but as tempting as it was to follow one friend's advice of soaking them in bleach, I resisted.
So glad that it was a foot soak idea and not something to put on my face. 


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