Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's get serious

I've been trying to master bread making using the Thermomix without much success.  Then finally yesterday I discovered what I think is the problem.  I've been reading the recipe wrong.  It clearly says bakers flour and I've been buying a bread mix - not being a baker I'm hoping this is what the problem's been.

So today I decided to get serious and bought 5kg of bakers flour instead of my 500g of bread mix.

I've been promising Michael home made pizzas for a few weeks now. So tonight we made pizzas.  I made the dough in the Thermomix and we added our toppings.

The boys had a bit of everything, well except for the feta cheese and olives, fortunately I'm the only person in our house who likes them.

and 20 minutes later...

It might not of been perfectly round in shape, nor look particularly pretty but it made up for any short comings in taste.  I'm full as now and can see that in a short while I'll be resting my eyes while supposedly watching tv.  Oh well, looks like the ironing will have to wait another day.


veggiegobbler said...


Dawn said...

Do you have any leftover???
(I'm not one for olives either...but if your leftovers have olives- I don't even think I would mind!)
Looks so good!!!!

Judith said...

Sorry only crumbs - I'm such a piggy when it comes to yummy food.

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