Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet Gilbert

I bought a little piece of furniture today.

This is Gilbert.

I haven't quite worked out where I will put Gilbert yet.  He's little, only 110cm high, so that means I'll  be able to put "stuff" on top of him too.

The next question of course is, what will I display on the shelves?  I'm wondering if my blue and white chinamen will fit on the bottom shelf? I suppose what goes inside will depend on where I put him.

One of the Kindergym mums and her friend have started a facebook business called Foundabout.    

 'At Foundabout we pride ourselves on bringing you beautiful, unique "they don't make them like this anymore" pieces.'

They only started last week and I'm looking forward to popping back and checking out what new items they add.  An empty cupboard is a good excuse to look for some new china. 

Hope you have a happy week.  xx 


Enchanted Moments said...

Ill have to get cracking and load up my new china to tempt you Judith..

Judith said...

Please do. I did actually write a little PS at the bottom of this post about reserving a spot in Gilbert for a certain jug with violets on it. Then I took it off cause I didn't want you to think I was being a bit pushy. xx

duchess_declutter said...

Ooh I like it. I think blue and white anything would look good in there!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

What a great find Gilbert is! I can just see him with a big vase or jug on top. I love finding things like that that I can fill up with my treasures.

Judith said...

I think if my blue and white chinamen don't fit inside Duchess, I might have to put them on the top.

I'm going to have some fun playing around with what goes where Gillian.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hope you find some more treasure for Gilbert. beautiful piece you got there.

Judith said...

I've got some treasures hidden in drawers so it will be good to get them out. Gilbert is beautiful isn't he? Now I just have to go and collect him.

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