Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick flick

I grabbed one of the books from work today to have a quick flick while I was waiting for the boys.

I love little books like this.  Easy to pick up and put down when you need to do something "more important"...

 One of the the gems was about saving the gift wrap off the presents you receive.  My mum was big on not ripping into presents, always wanting to preserve the paper for another present, while the rest of us couldn't be bothered.

Another one...to get more juice out of your citrus fruit, either use them at room temperature or drop them into a bowl of warm water before you juice them.

A cure for hiccups - 5ml of cider vinegar stirred into a glass of warm water.  To help a sore throat, combine equal parts of cider vinegar and honey and take 15ml 4 times a day.

Did you note the use of cider vinegar - now we all know it has to have some "mother" in it for it to be effective.  I'm still taking my 2 teaspoons a day for general health and well-being.  How about you?

I make a lot of Anzac biscuits so I loved this hint - 'when measuring honey, golden syrup or treacle smear a little oil on the measuring spoon or cup...the sticky substance will just slide off.'

And the golden rule the author saved until the end:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


veggiegobbler said...

I've never heard of dropping citrus fruit into warm water, although rolling them on the bench works. I must try the warm water trick.

Judith said...

I hadn't either. I usually warm them up in my hands by rolling and squishing them for a bit.

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