Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little bit of action in the vege garden

Finally the veges have realised that their job is to grow.

The cauliflower has grown just a smidgen more but now
has a faint tinge of purple to it's colour.

Potato leaves are getting bigger.  Am I meant to be putting dirt or
something on top of them?

The brussel sprouts which I had forgotten were brussel sprouts
are growing too.  Murphy's law says that they'll grow the best
because no-one else but me will eat them.

Snow peas

Red cabbage - yummy coleslaw

and green cabbage too.

We're expecting a warmish weekend - well it won't be
freezing cold, so they could just keep growing more.


I'm also happily reading my friend's book.

"Prohibited zone"
Alastair Sarre


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Looks like all your veggies are growing on track and more with the warmish weather you are expecting. I wish some sunshine this weekend too.

Judith said...

It's not actually going to be that warm this weekend so I found out tonight but at least it's not going to be as cold as it has been.

Phoebe said...

They all look fantastic! Keep us posted RE the Brussel Sprouts!
I have just discovered them for the first time and its taken 25 years. Yumo!
Are you fertilising at the moment?

Judith said...

I was only thinking about fertiliser the other day Phoebe - probably needs to be liquid because anything else will be eaten by the dogs. Would you recommend any particular brand?

Jane said...

Hello Judith. your garden looks great. the cauliflower is kid size! you're welcome over to my blog to see my ornamental kale! i'll jump on as a follower to watch the garden grow. best wishes, jane x

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