Monday, February 14, 2011

Milang shacks

The first Milang shack was built in 1947 on land leased by the Regatta Club.  By 1948 17 shacks had been built.  A request for freehold ownership of the land was denied and the present position is that the current owners have life tenure.  To say they are unique would be an understatement.  Have a peak...

One of the girls made the comment that this was what she imagined the housing for the black maids in the book we are reading at the moment, "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett was like.

I didn't like to walk along the front row of the houses and take a photo.  So I borrowed the photo above from their website.

This is the view from the front row of houses....literally just a stone throw from the front door.

It was a bit overcast on Saturday but just imagine a view like this on a sunshiney day or when there's a winter storm.

I was about to wander over to the third little jetty when I realised that half the girls had deserted me to get back into the warm car. I'll let them off tho, as we would of missed the start of the cricket.  Not a good idea since my son opens the bowling.

Did you do something today for Valentine's Day?  We were a boring married couple and did nothing.  We know we love each other and there's plenty of other things to spend our money on.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cricket at Milang

Michael's team played at Milang yesterday.  It was sweet...   The oval was in fantastic condition - green and lush - fortunately we were bowling this week and not batting. 

 It was an interesting entrance.

Lots of rusting farm equipment and a museum.

The downside of taking my thermos was having to use the toilets.

Someone obviously got this toilet seat cheap - we'll you hope they did.

Good thing I don't freak about spiders.  Although I didn't really appreciate backing into
one as I sat down.  How did I not see it???

The clubrooms.

One of the girls opened her chair to find a stow-away from her garden.

He was put into a container and sat in the back seat instead of the boot for
the drive back home to the garden.

Our boys enjoy playing against Milang.  Some of them have been competing
against each other since U12's and some have played association cricket
together and some are team mates in district cricket. 

It is a sweeet spot.

Wait till I show you the shacks on the lake.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zumba Queen

Just call me the Zumba Queen.

Well in my dreams anyway.  Last night I dreamt I went to the cricket meeting first then remembered Zumba half way through.  Not that I've been concerned about my first class tonight - much...

I spent 20 minutes at home trying to find my sandshoes then I remembered the puppies ate them.  Wasn't sure what to wear either and should I reapply my make up or not???  I nearly sent a text to the girls about what they were wearing but I resisted.

Then it was on...I had arms, feet, legs and fingers going everywhere.  Some moves were completely beyond me...very funny.  Don't know about the other girls cause I was so focussed on watching the Zumba lady that I didn't get to watch them.  In fact, I doubt I would noticed a herd of elephants charging through.

BUT it was fun.  I felt great after it, even tho I was a bit pooped.  So the plan for this week - buy leggings (gotta look the part) and maybe some new sandshoes, although the shoes I wore were great for the sliding moves AND buy a Zumba DVD and get a bit of practise in. 

Sadly didn't get to chat with the girls afterwards as I had a cricket meeting to go to but I'll catch them on Saturday.  Fingers crossed they'll all be going back for more.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh no, what have I agreed to...

You'll never guess what I've agreed to do...


Now if you knew me really well you'd know this is laughable -  just like a big part of my job is singing and I can't sing.  I'm not a very co-ordinated person at the best of times but add in some music and lots of different movements and I'm history.  You probably think I'm exaggerating but when I did Aerobics many years ago the instructor ask me stand at the back of the class because I was putting other people off.  Funny thing was that years later I met her again through work and you know what...she remembered me.  I walked across the room to introduce myself when she did a very loud "I know you..."

Then of course there was the time just a few years ago that I went to a music workshop being led by some guys from a kids band.  They played their new CD and we had to do the actions with them.  Needless to say one song was a little tricky and I completely messed up.  I thought my wild actions had gone unnoticed but then I saw the sound man was trying really hard to keep a straight face.  I smiled and he just cracked up.  Poor man had to spend the rest of the workshop facing the wall because every time he looked my way he started laughing again.

So think of me this Thursday at 7.00pm as I attempt to Zumba with the girls.

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