Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter Wednesday - 5

Brrrr...we had a very cold start to the day this morning.  If we were lucky it was a chilly 1 degree.  There was a beautiful frost - although I'm sure the plants wouldn't agree.

But you know, there's nothing better than a cold winter's night.  After tea and tidying up I love getting into my pj's and settling down on the couch.  Sometimes I read, sometimes watch tv and sometimes, just sometimes, I watch the inside of my eyelids.

When I was little I'd have nighties cause that's what mum bought - she was a nightie sort of girl.  I couldn't stand them - twisting and riding up all night.

In my early twenties I went through a all-in-one pj phase.  Not very practical and bloody stupid when I moved to the cold hills.  Going to the loo in the middle of the night was a very nippy affair because you'd have to unzip it and expose all your bits to cold.

These days I'm much more concerned with warmth than anything else, so it's pj's for me.  I love the soft feel of the flannelette and then you put on your bed socks and you're all ready for a cosy night.

Yes I do love winter...pop over to Hazel's and see what she loves about winter.


duchess_declutter said...

That does look chilly Judith.
I love my flannie pjs too. What's not to like about them - except maybe the sex appeal!

Judith said...

Ah...give me warmth over sex appeal any day - not quite sure my husband would agree tho ;)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

My mother usually like to sew girlie nightwear for us. But I wasn't a very girlie girl. I even accidently burn and make holes on my PJs several time because I was playing firecrackers at night during festive season. Keep warm up there. I should not complain about the cold since in the plain we are not as cold as on the hill.

Judith said...

I'm not a girlie girl either. I'd like to be sometimes and I do try, but it's just not me.

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