Thursday, June 16, 2011

Practically perfect in every way

I went out for supper with some friends tonight - mmmm lovely triple chocolate mousse cake - and we got to talking about the first movie we ever saw at the theatre.

I remember mine very clearly.  It was a big day out with my Mum and I had a dress on and little white socks - sticks out so clearly in my mind.  Mum bought me a chocolate covered ice cream as my special treat.  We sat in the first row of the upper seating area.

And....we saw Mary Poppins.

I so wanted Mary to come to my house and take care of me.  I especially wanted to jump into pictures on the footpath too.  Imagine having tea with penguins serving you and as for riding a carousel horse in a race, well how exciting could you get.

Many years later my young nephews were watching the movie too.  My youngest nephew was quite taken with the measuring tape scene.  You know...she measures the children and sums up their personality and habits and then measures herself and say "Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way". 

One night after a family dinner my nephew grabbed my mum's measuring tape and starting measuring us and saying cute things.  All was going really well until he measured one family member and call them fat.  Needless to say (after much laughing behind hands) that was the end of the measuring tape game and it's never been played since.

Wishing you a practically perfect in every way day tomorrow. 


Enchanted Moments said...

My first movie was Charlottes Web...

Dawn said...

Sweet Memories:))
My first movie: Annie (with my mom):))

Judith said...

Would you believe I've never watched Charlotte's web or Annie. The only bits I've seen are what you would see on a TV ad.

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