Saturday, June 4, 2011


Bookclub was on Thursday night at Val's.  We had an interesting discussion about "The Catcher in the Rye".  Most of us thought it was a fizzer, Mandy loved it (of course) and we found lots to discuss about it.  A couple of us (not me) went on the internet to discover more about the book and author and found more about the book to like afterwards.

I commented on the use of the "f" word in the book, Carol had no idea what I was talking about.  We discovered that her book was one of the censored editions.  I was amazed that the "f" word was even around in 1945 when the text was first published in serial format.  JD Salinger also used the word "flit" as a description for a gay person.  Sort of changed the meaning when Judy said later that "she'd been flitting around the place".

Dessert was a delicious Black Forest Cake, with lots of yummy chocolates beforehand.  With cuppa in hand I unveiled the next book - 

Back cover says:

"In the misnamed town of Lovely, newcomer Julia Heath is struggling to adapt to life in the country, especially when she begins to suspect that her yoga-teacher husband is having an affair with the butcher's wife.  But she soon falls under the spell of Tom, a handsome, if troubled, dairy farmer who experiences the world through extraordinary senses.  When Julia's husband sets out to cure Tom's memory lapses and migraines, all three lives become inexorably entwined and Julia is forced to deal with the wounds of her past and abandon all ideas of the perfect family."

What I didn't realise when I researched it on the internet was that it was a romance...I had my fingers crossed that it wasn't going to be too sappy.

And I've finished it tonight - was it that good that I couldn't put it down or that bad that I had to finish it straight away or maybe today was just a good day for sitting and reading??  Sorry can't tell you yet.


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