Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome Winter

I love winter, it's one of my favourite seasons. 

I also love my electric blanket too.  Sadly last night my side wasn't working very well and instead of jumping (ok maybe falling) into a warm cosy bed I hit the cool sheets.  It was such a surprise.  I chastised poor Richard for being a slacker and not putting them on early enough and he had no idea what I was talking about - nothing unusual there tho.  I stretched my feet across to his side which was toasty and warm and before I could roll over and grab his side he was in and I was out in the cold.

I'm going to give the electric blanket one more chance to do it's job tonight and if it doesn't, it's in the bin - unless I forget to buy a new one and then I suppose cool sheets are better than cold.

I'm joining in with Hazel's Winter Wednesdays and this morning, we certainly knew winter had arrived here in the hills.  It was a very chilly 1 degree when I left for work.  The car was covered in ice, fortunately Richard had the day off, so he had the job of throwing buckets of water at the windscreen so I could see.

Winter wouldn't be the same without our wood fires.   I love the combustion heater.

And all the boys in our house love nothing better than a bonfire.

And of course Richard loves his wood box, it means he can still sit outside on the weekend but keep warm while he reads the paper.  Well when he gets to use it.


HAZEL said...

Thanks for the link Judith. I am looking forward to my bonfire with the grandsons when they come to stay in the next school holidays. As you say, all boys love a fire. I will be posting a Winter Wednesday every Wednesday for winter...please do come and play.

Judith said...

Looking forward to the next play Hazel.

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