Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waiting for the dirt

Spent most of the afternoon waiting for the dirt to arrive....ho hum...

So I did a bit more pruning in my quest for more sun, with a little bit of help from my friend.  Lulu had a great time dragging the branches around the garden.

Michael got the pick out and turned over the soil.

I added a layer of leaf mulch to the base.

The pots are probably as old as me.  I kept them when we moved my mother-in-law to live with us.  I've put some coriander in a couple of them and we'll put parsley in and maybe something flowery in the rest for a bit of colour.

While we were waiting the "man about the house" popped down to the city and bought a new bbq.  We didn't have many bbqs this summer as  the old bbq wasn't quite up to it...

It came with some great packing which I punched holes in, filled with dirt and planted some beetroot seeds.  We love roast beetroot.

And finally just before the last bit of daylight and after I'd come inside to start cooking tea...the dirt arrived.

I think I can have one more day of play in the garden and then I'll have to start getting ready for the start of a new term. If I get inspired really quickly I might have some more playtime later in the week.

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