Monday, April 18, 2011

Port Elliot Day 4

Oh my goodness I am so full...

We had dinner at the Port Elliot hotel tonight.  It was divine.  I had salt and pepper squid - which if not cooked just right can be an average sort of meal.  This was yummy and plenty of it.  All 3 "boys" had a good hearty steak and no-one had room for dessert.

It was another lovely day...not as much sunshine as yesterday but considering the sort of weather we've been having, it was pretty darn good.

Richard and I took ourselves off for a walk this afternoon, found some "shacks" on the beach front - just need a x-lotto win to purchase one.  This would be the un-interrupted view from the window of my shack.  Just have to walk down the sand dune and I would be on the beach.

Loved the colour of the sand today too - it was a purple/red colour.

Pages of "The Shack" read today - 147

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