Monday, April 25, 2011

Too much shade

Who would of thought I'd complain about too much shade.  But I do...I've got the smallest patch that gets full sun for growing veges.  Whenever I mention that we need more space for another vegetable patch I get the "Hmmm, well maybe you could get rid of the pear tree and then use that spot". 

Yes that would work...not...right in the shade of another big tree and next door to the boys' bonfire pile.  So I stamped my feet a bit yesterday and gave an ultimatum about which shade tree was coming down...

"Hmmm, maybe you could get rid of the apple tree and then use that patch - you'd get full sun there".

So I called his bluff (he knows I love the apple tree with a passion) and said okay then, Michael get the axe.  Michael was gobsmacked because he knows no-one's allowed to touch the apple tree...

"Hmmm maybe not the apple tree because it blocks out the balcony on the 2-storey house up the road.  We'll trim all the shade trees and then you can put a new patch in the middle so it'll get more sun."

So Michael got the axe and trimmed up the tree we call "The Twins" -  2 trees that grew in the same spot.

And here's a rough marking of the new patch.

Still in the shade early this morning but there's
more chopping to be done yet.

I bought the plants yesterday so Richard has to ordered the soil today.  Michael and I had a lovely time choosing our stock. 

Michael is our "doer", he likes to be busy outside and as part of his schooling this year he is doing a horticulture certificate - hopefully leading into a school based apprenticeship next year.

Looking forward to a good day in the garden.


Enchanted Moments said...

oohh oohh, the beginnings of a new vegie patch, how exciting...cant wait to see it all done...will it be a raised one?

HAZEL said...

Wow, can't wait to see what you plant in your new garden.

Phoebe said...

Looks great! How exciting to add another patch! Its great having family members who are willing to get things done.
Do you get much fruit from your trees? They look beautiful!

Judith said...

It will be slightly raised - using old pavers to make a wall. I'm just having a break now from moving them... :)

I'm sure I'm going to plant incompatible veges Hazel but I'm too excited to get my book out and do proper research this time. Next crop I'll plan it properly.

The birds get all the fruit from the pear tree Phoebe. It's a cooking pear so I don't use them very often. We got about 25 apples this year. I mainly love them both for their blossom.

Ali said...

Oh my goodness back off from the apple tree people! I can't believe you can even joke about it.

Can't wait to see what you are going to plant in your veggie patch!

Judith said...

All you girls with blogs and veges garden inspire me...I want to grow more for us to eat. :)

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