Saturday, April 16, 2011

Port Elliot Day 2

I took some photos around the place today,
because if we're honest we all love to look around
someone else's house.

Downstairs sitting area.

Upstairs eating area.

Where I am sitting right now.  Not convinced it's
comfortable yet...

Upstairs in the corner.

It's a clock that doesn't work.

I just absolutely love this stool in our bedroom.

Household item with the most comments...

This morning Richard said, "What's the point of the ladder, it wouldn't
reach anything"

This afternoon Tom said, "I don't get it, what's with the ladder, is
it one of the decorator things"

This evening Michael said, "What's the ladder for?...What?  Decorating.
  That's a bit useless."

That's my boys, interior designers of the future,



Ali said...

Oh yes, I do love a look around someone else's place... it's like opening a little present, you are never quite sure what's under the wrapper.

Hey, what's that ladder for?

Judith said...

I quite like that ladder - I can imagine what high jinks the boys would get up to if we had one in our house.

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