Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Port Elliot Day 6

Stepped right outside my comfort zone today and went for a ride on this.

Don't you just love Tom's face...oh no she's got
the camera out again...

No, that's not a smile on my face - it's more a
how the hell did I get talked into this.

I have a fear of boats and deep water. 
I spent a lot of the time looking into the water
to make sure that Jaws wasn't going to leap out
and chew me.

I'm thinking that maybe in a previous life I was on
Titantic and as I tried vallantly to get aboard
a lifeboard I was nibbled on by sharks.

I did have "fun" but the blood was pumping
pretty fast through the veins as we "dragged off"
what I perceived to be big waves.


As we bobbed up and down on the waves, I decided
 that if we capsized I would calmly swim for Seal Island instead of just waiting in the water for someone to rescue me.  Who am I kidding??  I'd be
thrashing wildly about and screaming.  Enough to
attract a whole army of sharks.

Here's the link for the boat ride.  If you're ever in
Victor Harbor I'd recommend it.

We're having a quiet BBQ at home tonight.  The
weather has changed and it's quite cool and looks
like rain at any moment.  We're all ok with that as
we head home tomorrow.  We've had a wonderful
week together and as Tom finishes school this year,
it maybe the last holiday together for awhile.

And just because I can here's the man I gave my
heart to...

Pages of "The Shack" read today - 90 - and finished.


Enchanted Moments said...

I would not have gotten on that way.
I do not mix well with boats, and the ocean..I was in a constant state of fear going on the ferry to Tasmania, fear, I say, fear...
So glad you have had a great break away with the kids...

Judith said...

It's a funny feeling being on the boat. I loved it but was worried the whole time. The boys of course thought it was great fun. This week has just flown - I love being with the boys.

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