Friday, April 22, 2011

"Left Neglected" by Lisa Genova

Left thing this book wasn't.  I stayed up late last night reading and started again early this morning - 400 pages finished at 11.45am.

Blurb says:

"Sarah Nickerson is like any other career-driven supermum in the affluent suburb where she leads a hectic but charmed life with her husband Bob and three children.  Between excelling at work; shuttling the kids to football, day care, and piano lessons; convincing her son's teacher that he may not, in face, have ADD; and making it home in time for dinner, it's a wonder this over-scheduled, high-flyer has time to breathe.

Sarah carefully manages every minute of her life, until one fateful day, while driving to work, she looks away from the road for one second too long.  In an instant all the rapidly moving parts of her jam-packed life come to a screeching halt.  A traumatic brain injury completely erases the left side of her world.  For once, Sarah must relinquish control to those around her, including her formerly absent mother.  As she wills herself to recover, Sarah must learn that a happiness greater than all the success in the world is close within reach, if only she slows down long enough to notice."

Needless to say I loved it.  It was one of those books that I had to finish and left me thinking about how different life would be if the same thing happened to me.

Put your hand up if you're guilty of moving, checking or texting on your mobile phone while in the car.

Yes I thought so.  Most of us have done it at some stage, if you're not guilty of it, give yourself a pat on the back and if you are guilty like me then maybe it's time we stopped.  While the book isn't based on a true story, Lisa Genova did research the brain injury called Left Neglect.   It doesn't sound like fun.

This is the second book by Lisa Genova I've read and loved so I'm off now to check the library catalogue and see what else she has written.

Hope you've all enjoyed eating Hot Cross Buns today.

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