Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oakbank Races

Easter Saturday means Oakbank Racing Carnival for us.  To get a good spot at the racecourse you have to get there early, so the alarm was set and off to bed we went.  What I wasn't expecting was for my mobile to go off in the early hours and have Tom tell me he'd been in a car accident.

 Half asleep I got some sketchy details from him but he was ok.  Relief.  I offered to go and get him but the Country Fire Service was there and as he's a member he was giving them a hand.  I was going to get him when they got back to the station. 

One of the CFS guys dropped him home and that's when we got all the details.  It was one of "those" accidents that emergency services are surprised that people have walked away from.  They'd crashed through a safety barrier and fence and ended up on their side backwards in a creek - wedged between the bank and a big tree.

Richard and the CFS guy went to collect our car from the friend's house and they drove past the car accident.  Richard said he felt physically sick seeing the car.  I had a look at the scene tonight and goodness it could of been so different...they could of been seriously hurt with just what had happened but had they crashed into the tree that they brushed against it would of been such a different story.

Tom's a bit sore and looks like he might have a broken finger but that's all...I'm very proud of him he stayed calm, helped the others get out of the car and called 000 to get help.  He was very subdued this morning but after being with his friends at Oakbank was brighter this afternoon.

We did have a lovely day but a fair amount of time in my mind was spent with "What if..." every time I looked at him.

Louise, me and Carol

Breakfast - a good hearty breakfast fixes many things.

My boys at either end - before they put on their fancy pants.

And with their fancy clothes on.

Hope that Easter Bunny finds you all in the morning.


Enchanted Moments said...

Judith, I dont know what to say....except, I am so glad that everyone was okay........

Judith said...

Thanks Suzanne. I think they were all very very lucky. Apparently they were getting a crane to lift the car out of the creek. So glad we had a day out with friends today - helped us all relax, especially Tom.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Thank God. It is the would ifs that send us spinning!!

Judith said...

I'm very grateful. Loved your Easter biscuits "From beyond my kitchen window". I'm not good at icing biscuits, usually end up with more in my mouth than on the biscuit.

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