Monday, May 2, 2011

The Real McCoy

On Saturday I blogged about trying apple cider vinegar for some of it's health benefits. I had bought some "off the shelf" in the supermarket and tried it once.  Fortunately for me From Beyond My Kitchen Window dropped by and told me it had to be the organic stuff that contained the "mother".

So I googled for more information and today after a  quick stop off at the local organic shop I came home with the "Real McCoy".

I also put my 2 teaspoons in apple juice instead of water, and surprise surprise it tasted a lot nicer.

If you want to read more about Apple Cider Vinegar just click here.  Fingers crossed that it's all true.


Ali said...

What's "the mother"?

Judith said...

Apparently the mother is a bacterial foam that contains all the good stuff like minerals and enzymes. The apple cider vinegar off the shelf is over processed, over heated and filtered so unlikely to possess any good stuff.

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