Saturday, May 14, 2011

Me and my new bestfriend

I spent the afternoon with my new best friend - Thermo.  We made the vegetable stock concentrate.  It was exciting I used all fresh ingredients - no more unwrapping of small stock cubes for me.  Here's my finished product.

Doesn't look too appetising does it?  But just think about all the goodness in it.  You put rock salt in it so you can keep it in your fridge to use during the week in other dishes.

Then I started on my choice for tonight's dinner, Beef Stroganoff.  I sauted the onions, while I chopped the herbs and mushrooms, and then put all the ingredients into the Thermomix at the same time and set it to cook for 20 minutes.

Mmmm it smelt good.  Richard and Michael came home from watching football and I proudly removed the lid to show them what was for dinner.

Grabbed a fork so I could get out a piece of meat for Richard to try...I found plenty of mushrooms and then finally found the meat - sitting on the kitchen bench - I think that counts as one whoopsie.

When I eventually managed to stop laughing I started all over again.  Good thing the Thermomix cooks beef strog in 20 minutes.  Meanwhile I peeled the potatoes for mash and cooked the greens,

and finally we ended up with tea.


Enchanted Moments said...

I made beef stroganoff once with a chicken satay maggi sachet...??
I must say, I did think it smelt unusual when it was cooking, but it wasnt until my second mouthfull that the penny dropped and the whole bowl was dropped into the chook bin..............blah..I did remember to put the meat in though!

Judith said...

Mmmmm tasty. I'm sure the chooks enjoyed it. :)

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