Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's here.

Who would think that something in a boring brown box
could be better than sliced bread.


This is my brand new Thermomix.  Have you seen or
heard of them?  I feel in love the minute I saw one being
demonstrated at my sister's house.

It cooks the most wonderful food and now I'm excited about
cooking again.  I've always been excited about eating
but cooking that's another story.  Let's just say everyone
in our house has strong jaws from eating the meat I cook.

You can find out more information about Thermomix here
and of course I'll let you know about my successes and
any "whoopsies".

On the menu tonight was Butter Chicken - it took 22 minutes
to cook and Lemon Custard - just 7 minutes to cook and the
best stirring or fussing by me.


Ali said...

Ooo this is very exciting! I have several friends who have/want one and they RAVE about them. I haven't even been invited to a demo :( Which worries me as I think that everyone thinks I am poor!!

So... is it fulfilling all those thermamix dreams you have?

Judith said...

Oops did just answer your post Ali but thought it sounded like we were all going to come to your house for a demo.

So I'll try again. When I have my demo I know some of my friends won't be interested but hopefully they'll come for the yummy food and I'll get a free insulated bowl too. So you should just book your own demo Ali and invite your friends to your house. I was going to buy mine on "terms" but ended up cashing in some LSL.

Tonight I'm going to make some rice pudding for dessert to hopefully fill up the hungry teenagers.

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