Wednesday, May 4, 2011

School pick-up

I didn't think I'd still be doing school pick-up with one in Year 12 and the other in Year 10 but I do.  Not every night, maybe 2 or 3 times a week.  Some nights we have extras as well which can be a bit squeezy if I have the small car instead of the 7 seater but they don't seem to care.  I love listening to their after school chats - they make me laugh often.

One of the boys we pick up in the morning too, not so often now, as the Year 12's have different start and finish times depending on their timetable.  He's been part of our school pick-up and drop-off since Year 8, so I'll miss him next year.

What I also love about school pick-up is that I usually get there about 30 minutes before the bell goes so that means I get to read...uninterrupted and with no guilt attached, you can't do the ironing or housework if you're not at home.  This week I've been trying to finish "Second Honeymoon" by Joanna Trollope which I started ages ago.  It's taken quite a while to get "into" but I'm getting through it a bit quicker now.  I want to get it finished because tomorrow night is Bookclub and that means a new book to read.  Gotta be happy with that.


veggiegobbler said...

Glad you enjoy your school pick up. Unfortunately it just caused me a little anxiety. My youngest just started prep this year and you forced me to calculate just how old I'll be when my school pick ups finish... I may just need a walking frame! :)

Judith said...

Love your comment :) If you do have a walking frame, at least the kids will have somewhere to hang their school bags.

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