Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Second honeymoon" by Joanna Trollope

I've started a new book because I've been very good and finished the book for book club in a very short space of time.

"Second honeymoon" is about life once the kids all move out.   The story starts with the youngest son, Ben, leaving home at 22.  Here's a bit from page 1.

"Edie put her hand out, took a breath and slowly...opened his bedroom door...The bed was unmade, the curtains half drawn, the carpet almost invisible...single trainers...scatterings of papers and books everywhere."

I think these photos of my youngest son's room could of been used as illustrations in the book.

The only difference is, if my youngest leaves at 22, I've still got another 7 years to go.

Check out the trophies...

this is some of them and as for the medallions, they're all just lumped together.  Do you want to know what will happen to all these?  Well the same thing as his Dad's...they'll be boxed up by the woman in his life and put on the top shelf of the wardrobe.  If she even lets them in the house to start


Enchanted Moments said...

Oh Judith, you should put up a set of two shelves for him to display them on......
ooohhh skanky socks on the floor, do you have tongs to pick them up with?
If not, I will buy you some...x

Judith said...

Neither boy has smelly feet, so the socks aren't so bad. If there is any smell it would be from all the wet towels on the floor. He holds the record for 6 towels on the floor. xx

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