Monday, March 28, 2011

Cleaning off the bookcase

I couldn't fit one more book on the bookcase so I decided it was time to have a clean out but which books to choose...

I've read some real quirky ones but they weren't all bad reads.  So I decided that it would have to be ones that I was most unlikely to read again.

I was quite surprised that I actually managed to remove 12 books but what's a book if not for reading, so there wasn't much point them sitting on the shelf.

I enjoyed reading "The Coroner's lunch" the most out of the books to be passed on but struggled with "A fine balance".  I tried to finish "In my father's house" but gave up when I realised I'd been trying to read it for 2 years. 

"Oxygen" made me want to shake the main character for being so stupid and "The Kite Runner" made me feel physically sick.  I admired Lance Armstrong's determination to get better but I don't think I could be married to anyone so consumed with winning.

I found "The Gathering" to be boring and "Odalisque" a little out there... "Songs of the Humpback Whale" I can't remember and "Honk if you're Jesus", well the less said the better.

But...I'll pass them along and the next reader may love them all, that's the beauty of books.  Maybe even if I read them again I may too...but I doubt it.

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