Tuesday, March 15, 2011

End of the season

Sadly we've come to the end of another cricket season.  That means football and soccer are now the talk in our house and while that's ok, I'm already missing my Saturday mornings with the girls.

Going to watch football and soccer isn't quite the same - not as relaxing as sitting watching cricket.  I'll still pack the thermos and Tim Tams but not all the girls will be there.   

On a high note tho, my youngest son's team (Dad's the coach) did win the Grand Final.

This was Michael's (back row, 3rd from left) last season in juniors and Richard's (back row, red check shirt) last season as coach.  Richard has coached both boys since U12's but now they'll both be in Seniors.

We got to celebrate the win at one of the parent's houses.

Next season there will be only afternoon cricket for both boys and if I'm really lucky they'll be in the same team.  Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

For four years now I've been happily having coffee & cake with a fellow sports mum on a Sunday morning however, things took a turn & both our boys went their separate ways & joined different clubs this year. I was honestly quite devastated when I realised that the Sunday morning get together was no more. I hadnt realised how much of a good friendship had formed over the years & over a nice hot coffee. Anyway, after fessing up that I would miss her dearly, we've decided to stay in touch & catch up regularly on a Saturday morning in more civilized surroundings than the soccer pitch! So I do hope you get the chance to stay in touch with your girls.
p.s. The boys certainly look happy!

Judith said...

I'm lucky that we live in a relatively small community so I'll still be able to catch up with most of the girls at other events. Not quite the same as all together at one time tho. Enjoy your cuppa in "civilised surroundings". Just think you'll probably be seating in warm comfy chairs instead of standing out on wet, windy ovals.

Judith said...

oops that should be sitting not seating.

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