Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lucky me...

The past month I've had sorts of little treats given to me and it's made me feel very lucky.

It all started with a fantastic bag of books from a friend...

My friend had them passed to her, now they've been passed to me and I'll get to pass them on to someone else and hopefully the "passing on" will continue.

Later that day the same friend gave me some wonderful veges from her garden.

Another friend passed along her Country Style magazines from last year - lucky me as I hadn't read some of them.

Then I got hand cream from someone else and bunches of flowers from someone elses' garden, a divine bottle of wine and...and...the list goes on.

On Saturday my friend gave me this beautiful teacup, saucer and plate cause she knows that's what I like.

Today one of the children at work bought me a sweet treat from their local French patisserie, mmm you could taste the butter.  :)

But how lucky am I really?  Very.  All my family and friends are safe, my house hasn't been washed away or been destroyed by an earthquake and I can safely breathe the air around me. 

...I'm passing along prayers, love, good vibes and anything else I can think of to everyone who's been affected by all the natural disasters recently.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone could have had a birthday?

Judith said...

I did actually have a birthday, but none of those were birthday presents. "Just" surprises.

Anonymous said...

love surprises!

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