Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

We celebrated New Year's Eve at a friend's house last night.  The day had been hot but fortunately the evening was cool (one of the joys of living in the hills) and we were able to sit outside under the stars.  We nibbled on a yummy cheese platter while sipping on a Bird in Hand Sparkling Pinot Noir.  Next came prawns on the bbq and salmon for mains and last, a lemon curd cheesecake.  Mmmmmm, delightful food and of course the best of company.

One thing that didn't come up in conversation was New Year's Resolutions.  Do you make them?  I did last year and that was "to live more boldly".  That is, to try new things, be more adventurous, try new recipes, wear different colours etc etc etc.  How well did I go?  Welllll, I think 2010 was a trial run and that in 2011 I will embrace it

Meanwhile I read through "Australian Vintage Living" by Bonni Masefau yesterday and started on "The Shabby Chic home" by Rachel Ashwell.  So many 'ahhh, that looks beautiful' moments in both books - enjoying them immensely. 

I have moved "At home with Templetons" by Monica McInerney from beside my bed to next to my chair - time to get reading some more fiction.

Looking forward to reading many more books this year. 
Happy New Year.  Cheers, Judith


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

My resolution is to be more active and eat more healthy. I love the idea to live more boldly though. Happy New Year!!

JCS said...

Good luck with your resolutions. I promise myself that I'll eat more healthy all the time...not that I'm too naughty...but nothing beats a yummy biscuit with a cup of tea. Eating a piece of fruit with my cuppa isn't quite the same. :) Happy New Year. Cheers, Judith

Garden Travels said...

My new years resolution is to catch up far more often with my bold, wise and wonderful neighbour. It's always surprising and I learn so much from her! Looking forward to seeing Lisa in Feb with her and her reaction to Cleo!

JCS said...

So glad you've started your blog Garden Travels, I'm looking forward to reading it. I would also love to catch up more often with my beautiful, kind and thoughtful neighbour so let's do it :) xx

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