Sunday, January 9, 2011

Next book...

"Back when we were grown-ups" by Anne Tyler

I've not read anything by Anne Tyler before.  One of her books "The Accidental Tourist" was made into a major film and she has won the Pulitzer Prize for "Breathing Lessons".  I'm trying not to expect too much as I don't want to be disappointed.  One of the reviews says this book is "one of her very best yet" but I've read reviews that have promised me "humour" and yet I didn't laugh once.

So the blurb says:

"One morning, Rebecca wakes up and realises she has turned into the wrong person.  Is she really this joyous and outgoing organiser of parties, the put-upon heart of her dead husband's extended family?  What happened to her quiet and serious nineteen-year-old self, and what would of happened if she'd married her college sweetheart?"

It's nearly time to go back to work, no more finding a comfy spot and reading for as long as I want, drinking copious amounts of tea or eating whenever I think I'm hungry.  Maybe going back to work will be a good thing - physical exercise, drinking water because it's quicker than tea, eating less because there's no time and of course money....I don't mind going back to work as it's only for a school holiday program to start with, so a nice slow start, then another week off before going back properly.  I'm also very fortunate that I have a job I love. 

Enjoy your Sunday night.

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