Monday, January 31, 2011

Bookclub - "Rescue"

Jnnuary 9th the date of my last post...hmmm where did that time go? I haven't read any books in that time either or magazines for that matter but we did have bookclub last week.  We chatted about "Rescue".  Most of us enjoyed the book - nice easy read - just right for the holidays.  In one part of the book Dad reads his daughter's diary.  Have you read someone else's diary?  I must admit I did sneak a couple of peeks at my Mum's when I was young - boring - Mum's was very factual, no juicy gossip.

I kept a diary in primary school and I've still got two of them.  One pink with a little lock to keep people out and a blue one.  I have reread them and they don't exactly make for exciting reading - "I love Todd", "I love Wayne", "I love Warren"...etc etc. in fact I think I must of had a crush on every boy in my class.  Then when Tom was born I kept a journal  - just another word for a girls diary, sadly that didn't last long.  And now I blog...well sort of.

Bookclub dessert this time was a very delicious cherry crumble...mmmm


Enchanted Moments said...

I never read anyones, although I kept a diary from the age 12 till I was around fits and sister read mine and I was mortified...absolutely mortified....
Mine was same, I love Sean, I love Richard, I love, I am fat and I have
Hey, finished Eat, Pray , Love...??? and am now half way through good for late night tired reading, Im getting lost in it...
C U soon at Kindergym.x

Ali said...

Yes I've been waiting for your posts, wanted to see what you were going to read next... I don't know why I started a gardening blog when reading has always been my number one passion. Lol and at least I am successful at reading!

I can't remember if I told you, but I finished the P.G. Wodehouse book and also just finished a Ruth Rendell mystery. The Wodehouse was up there with the best writing I've ever read, just fabulously wonderful. And the Rendell book, called Road Rage was a great page turner.

I haven't got anything else so am reading a book my dad left here called YOU CAN DO IT!

It's not my usual type of book, it's full of letters of advice from very successful business people, but it's actually very motivating!

I haven't read anyone else's diary, I don't really remember coming across any that I might read... although I do remember being very young and reading a letter my dad had kept in his closet. It was a letter he had written the night I was born, and how he was feeling at the time. Just beautiful, and I'm so glad I found it. I am pretty sure I was looking for evidence that I was adopted at the time!

Judith said...

Ali, lucky you finding your Dad's letter. I'll have to see if I can find Wodehouse's book. And I love your gardening blog - you write so well.

Enchanted Moments, looking forward to hearing what you thought of Eat, Pray, Love and more importantly, seeing you and Little M on Friday.

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