Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Same place again...

Port Elliot again today but with two of the bookclub girls and our boys.  Bit breezy to start with but that didn't last long.  Still wasn't warm enough for me to do anything but paddle my feet, but the boys had a quick game of cricket on the sand and then they headed off with their boards into the water.  My youngest bought his first wetsuit with his Christmas money yesterday and happily christened it today.  It did make him look very skinny, but he said it was money well spent.

I took "At home with the Templetons" with me but didn't read any of course, too busy talking.  But tonight finished it...yeah...I'd have to say an enjoyable holiday read.  Parts were predictable but I was surprised when one of the family secrets was revealed - always pleased when a book has a surprise in it.  There weren't too many characters to keep a track of  and I thought the story flowed quite well.  Although maybe a little drawn out in places.  I also enjoyed it more than the only other book I've read by Monica McInerney - "Those Faraday Girls".  I would definitely read another of Monica's books quite happily.

What book next?  I've got plenty on the bookshelf unread but my lovely neighbour told me yesterday that "Cleo" was waiting for me...might need to pop next door tomorrow.

Cheers, Judith

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