Monday, January 3, 2011

Where am I?

At the best seaside spot I know...

Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot

Richard is a firm believer in the healing qualities of sea water. 

So after being stung by a bee on News Year Eve, where else would we
take his swollen, itchy, red foot but to our favourite beach.
Of course instant relief (Richard and sea water is a standing joke
in our family),  Michael and I managed to contain our laughter just...

It was a little too cold to go swimming but perfectly fine for paddling our feet.

If you walk out on these rocks two things are certain.
One, you'll eventually get wet and two, you'll get to see seals playing.

Of course you wouldn't go to Port Elliot and not visit the Bakery.
It was worth getting in the 40 metre queue to buy lunch. 
Fortunately they employ lots of staff and the queue moves quickly.
I had my usual - pasty and vanilla slice - so much for "living boldly" and
trying new things...

I took "At home with the Templetons" with me but of course with such
beautiful scenery I didn't read a page.

The boys and I are going down again on Tuesday but still won't get much
reading done as I'll be too busy talking with the girls. Oh well at least I get to read at night.

Hope you have a wonderful day.  Cheers, Judith

PS My lovely neighbour has started a blog too.  Hope you've
got time to take a peek...


Ali said...

How lovely, and a little bit hilarious too! I cannot believe that it was too cold to swim, summer has finally hit here and yesterday we wallowed in a stream like a pack of small hippos. Lovely. I am enjoying my Wodehouse book very much, for once I am reading slowly and savouring rather than racing through.

Enjoy your water!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Its hard to imagine that you are having your summer season. Last week we just had a horrible blizzard. The beach is gorgeous!!

JCS said...

It was 21 degrees yesterday. I need min. 35+ before I'll put anything other than a big toe in the water.

I find it hard to savour a book if I'm enjoying it because I need to know how it ends. Cheers.

JCS said...

We've been watching your blizzards on our news. So far our summer has been pretty hit and miss so we really haven't had much beach weather yet. Port Elliot is our favourite beach. Richard spent his childhood visiting it and we've been staying down there for holidays for over 20 years. Our boys love.

Ali said...

It had to be at least 30 here yesterday, but it was the humidity that was a killer, all that rain and sun has made a lovely tropical jungle here. I am not into cold water, bath temp is my idea of a good time :)

Garden Travels said...

Beautiful pictures Judith- It is hard to choose between beautiful and funny scenery and relaxing by reading - so nice to have such a choice to make. Inspires me to get to Goolwa very soon.

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