Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Cleo" by Helen Brown

Absolutely loving this book.  I'm two thirds of the way through it and really hope that I can ignore my messy house for a couple more hours so I can finish it tonight.

You will need some tissues but if you try not to put yourself in Helen's shoes, you'll be right. There are so many parts of the book worth a mention but where do I start and where do I stop? I think you may just have to read it yourself. 

I do want to share this bit about indulgence. 

"...Cleo was changing my attitude to indulgence.  Guilt isn't in cat vocabulary.  They never suffer remorse for eating too much, sleeping too long or hogging the warmest cushion in the house.  They welcome every pleasurable moment as it unravels, and savour it to the full...They don't waste energy counting the number of  calories they've consumed or the hours they've frittered away sunbathing.
Cats don't beat themselves up about not working hard enough...they see the treadmills of human obligations for what they are - a meaningless waste of nap time."

I must of been a cat in a previous life because I'm pretty good at eating too much, I certainly don't count calories and I'm exceptionally good at napping.

Cheers, Judith

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