Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An inappropriate book

Richard gave me a little scare on Friday.  Came out
ready for work and then flopped in the chair with "I don't feel right".  Not at all like him - so googled heart attack (amazing how your mind goes blank) and called an ambulance.

Fortunately my mind stopped being blank and I managed to make all the right phone calls, in between banging on bathroom doors telling the boys to hurry up, running outside to look for the ambulance, putting dogs away, moving furniture, gathering up stuff I might need, oh and checking on Richard.

I even remembered to grab one of the books I'm reading as I figured I might have a bit of spare time at the hospital.

We spent the day in Emergency, inbetween going off for tests, and late in the afternoon Richard was taken off to his room for an overnight stay.  Fortunately all his test results are good and hopefully this was a once off warning about work vs happy life.

I did have some time to read but when I pulled my book out I realised that maybe it wasn't the time and place to read it.

Oops...when your husband's hooked up to a heart monitor a book about what happens to your soul when you die could be considered a little inappropriate.

On the upside he's been given a week off to recuperate and I'm on holidays so I can keep a close (actually very close) eye on him.


Enchanted Moments said...

Good girl for knowing all the right things to do...Im so glad it was just a scare, some relaxing time is on the cards....

Ali said...

Ooo what a fright that must have been. I'm glad he is okay... once when I was travelling overseas I grabbed a book at the airport. Opening it up after take off I realised it centered around a plane crash.

Nice book choice there Judith!

Judith said...

Richard doesn't relax very well Suzanne - the youngest son takes after him - always on the go. Still I think he's had a bit of a scare and might be able to sit still for awhile.

Did you read the book on the plane Ali or were you like me - put it away for later.

I once started a murder mystery book when I was home alone on a wet, windy, wild night - not a good idea.

HAZEL said...

Good job! My sister worked as practice manager at a doctor's surgery. People were always ringing up and saying that they, or someone near and dear, had chest pains and asking what to do. Or they would bring them in to the surgery. The right thing to do is ring an ambulance and get to hospital. Like I said, Great Job!

Judith said...

Thanks Hazel. All I could think about was the advert on tv where the guy has had a heart attack and died and he says "I wish I called an ambulance sooner". Amazing what pops into your mind when you're running around like a headless chook.

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