Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"A spot of bother" - Mark Haddon

It is Mandy's choice this month for bookclub so we're all reading "A spot of bother" by Mark Haddon.  He also wrote "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time" - a book I started but never finished. 

One of the good things about bookclub is that you do feel obliged to finish reading each month's book.  There's only been one book I didn't complete - well I read the start and I did read the end but just skipped over the middle - and that was "The boy in the striped pyjamas" by John Boyne.  I couldn't read it once I realised that it was about children and concentration camps.  Apparently I read the worse bits and the middle wasn't too bad, but back the new book.

The blurb says:

George Hall doesn't understand the modern obsession with talking about everything.  "The secret of contentment, George felt, lay in ignoring many things completely".  Some thing in life, however, can't be ignored.

At 57, George is settling down to a comfortable retirement, building a shed in his garden, reading historical novels, listening to a bit of light jazz.  Then Katie, his tempetuous daughter, announces that she is getting remarried, to Ray.  Her family is not pleased - as her brother Jamie observes, Ray has "strangler hands".  Katie can't decide if she loves Ray, or love the wonderful way he has with her son Jacob, and her mother Jean is a bit put out by all the planning and arguing the wedding has occasioned, which get in the way of her quite fulfilling late-life affair with one of her husband's former colleagues.  And the tidy and pleasant life Jamie has created crumbles when he fails to invite his lover, Tony, to the dreaded nuptials.

Unnoticed in the uproar, George discovers a sinister lesion on his hip and quietly begins to lose his mind.

I've read 82 pages so far and everything the blurb says has happened, so I wonder what the other 305 pages are going to be about???


duchess_declutter said...

Looks like it might be a good one Judith - I've not read either of his books.
Our club book last month was Eucalyptus by Murray Bail. A bit of a struggle to finish, though the concept of the story was great. This month it is The Language of Flowers by Vanassa Diffenbaugh. Just a new book out and it looks quite good so far .....

Judith said...

I love the title of your new book - "The language of flowers" - sounds lovely. It's nearly my turn to choose a book for bookclub so since you said "good so far" I've gone online and requested a copy from the library so I can start the "which book will I choose" process. :)

duchess_declutter said...

I hope you like it! I seem to have trouble enjoying a lot of the books that are chosen, even though I have some input. This seems to be the best for a while anyway - plus I really enjoy a rew release.

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