Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look what I found

My sister and I went op shopping on Tuesday.  A lovely day.  I bought some new blue and white bowls - what a surprise and as usual my sister found lots of treasure. 

In the last shop Shirley found a small shadow box - not the best quality but pretty good.  As she was umming and ahhing I talked her out of it.  Next day she left a message on facebook telling me about the great ideas she had for it overnight.

I went back today...gone...but on the upside for me I did manage to find these.

They cost me the grand sum of $2.50 for six.  The pattern is "Christine" (my middle name) and is the same as the cutlery canteen Mum and Dad bought us for our wedding present.  I couldn't believe my luck.

Michael was with me and he took one look and said "don't expect me to use them, they're filthy."  He didn't believe me when I said they would clean up with a little bit of help from some Silvo.

I didn't even have to use any elbow grease and I'm sure they'll now meet with Michael's approval...I think we'll have an icecream sundae for dessert tonight.

Flowers are always prettier when they come from your own garden, don't you think?


Enchanted Moments said...

Christine is my sisters name, and we ate from that pattern of cutlery all our lives for special was my mothers 'special' set. What a great find, and parfait spoons to boot, now you need the parfait glasses to go with them....super opshop find there Judith, well done.

Judith said...

Yes it's my "special set" too. Mum bought that pattern because it was part of my name. I bought some small dessert spoons at a market earlier in the year, bit of price difference tho. I agree with you, it is a super opshop find. See you next week. xx

duchess_declutter said...

Great find Judith! Amazing what a bit of Silvo can do isn't it (or toothpaste in an emergency). Where are your blue & whites?

Judith said...

I forgot to take a photo of them Wendy. Then I couldn't be bothered getting the camera out again - lazy I know. :)

Ali said...

I wouldn't have had any idea that those spoons could polish up so beautifully.

So when's the ice cream??

Are you doing a thermomix one? A friend made our knitting group a coconut cream, raspberry and herb one last night with her thermomix. Goodness me it was superb.

Judith said...

I haven't done ice cream in the thermomix yet - that one sounds pretty yummy tho - might need to investigate. :)

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