Saturday, October 15, 2011

The object of his affections

Julius and I have the same morning ritual, I make a cup of tea and sit in the chair opposite the family room door and he finds a ball.

We open the door wide and while reading some blogs I throw the ball and he chases. Back and forth, back and forth.  Every so often he has a drink and just so no-one else, Lulu, can steal the ball he puts it in the water bowl.

There is no doubting his dedication or is that obsession to the game...

Julius doesn't care how wet, slimy and soggy the ball is as long as I throw it.

Michael asked awhile ago if Julius would eventually stop being sooooo keen to play ball and I said yes when he gets a bit older.  A few days later he came home from a friend's house and said they had a 9 year old blue heeler and he still drove them nuts wanting to play ball....great, lucky us.

If Julius could talk I'm sure he'd offered these words of advice:

Keep your eyes on the ball and never give up.

1 comment:

Phoebe said...

He looks like such a happy boy!

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