Friday, October 21, 2011

Not much sleep

I knew what sort of night it was going to be when I saw all the stuff wrapped around his chest.

 After Richard's "little turn" as our friend has dubbed it, the doctor is getting everything checked, including getting him checked for sleep apnea.  So after a quick visit to the local hospital Richard came home all geared up for a night of monitoring.

Richard hates feeling closed in, in any form, so when I saw him all taped up I thought we'd be in for a good night.  He then told me that he also had to have sensors on his face and a couple of tubey things up his nose - wonderful.

I elected to sleep on the spare mattress in the lounge knowing how much he would fidget and hoping that I might get a little bit of sleep.

Fidget is an understatement and finally at 3.30am we both got up had a little drink of water, opened the sliding doors for some fresh air and had a chat.  I gently reminded him that if my Mum could do it at 80 years of age then he could too...back to bed we went.  I slept and he woke me up as soon as he was able to unhook everything.  I couldn't undo the velcro belts quick enough for him.

It's a 2 week wait for the results and let's hope that we never ever have to have that done again.

I know the dogs are really going to miss him when he goes back to work next week but luckily for them Tom starts his Year 12 study break on Monday.


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Just catching with a lot of blog posts of yours - how did I miss them?
You've been busy..
Hope results are good when they come back..

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hope everything goes well. I had a long break from blogging and did not realised.

Judith said...

Thank you both. He's feeling a lot better.

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