Saturday, September 24, 2011

A week of negotiation

Richard and I have been negotiating all week.  Wish I could say it was for something exciting like my dream house but it wasn't.

It's clean up time.  Family are coming for Tom's 18th birthday lunch next weekend and we need to tidy up.

So as I wrote in the title it has been a week of negotiation..."I'll get rid of this, if you get rid of that".

The skip arrived on Thursday and Richard took a day off work.  I must admit to being a little concerned about what would find it's way to the bottom of the skip before I got home from work.  It was all ok tho. nothing was hidden and I could see exactly what was in there.

When Michael got home from school he had a "smashing good time".  Who would of thought a three seater lounge (no it could not be recycled) and the base of a queen size ensemble could be demolished so easily.

I didn't get to do much of the filling up of the skip because just as I got up to go out, the phone rang...I had the joy of spending the afternoon waiting at the dentist as  had Tom dislodged/knocked out his tooth while playing Touch footy during PE.  The dentist literally shoved it back in - Tom jumped 6 feet into the air - then he glued it to the teeth either side and now we get to wait a week to see if it ya Tom.

No sport this weekend so the skip will continue to be filled.


duchess_declutter said...

Gee Judith - and I thought your new house looked wonderful!
Well done with all that work - and good negotiating I'd say. Smashing things always appeals somehow, particularly if they can't be recycled.
Ouch for the tooth! How did he manage to get through the season, just to do that at PE. Oh the irony.

Judith said...

I liked the look of the new house too. I've had lots of encouraging to do down the shed this morning - "no honey you don't need that", "no honey I've never seen you use that". Hopefully we'll run out of room before it's time to come inside to my junk room.

As for Tom's tooth - thank goodness the orthodontist still hasn't put the braces on yet. :-)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Spring cleaning! A good time since we had a long sunny weather. I should get started with spring cleaning too.

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