Monday, November 15, 2010

A womanless weekend

One of the best things about the weekend is catching up with my girl friends.  Doesn't matter what season it is, whether the boys are playing football, cricket or volleyball, I can always rely on catching up with one, two, three or more of the girls on the weekend.  All was looking good for the usual catch up and on top of that seeing another friend on Sunday for afternoon tea.  Wahoo!!!  Lots of girl stuff which is very exciting when you live with all males. Then... a 20/20 cricket carnival thing happened. 

As the Secretary/Treasurer for the local cricket club I thought I would do the "right thing" and volunteered to help Richard and another committee member in the canteen on Saturday.  Why not it was only one day... Well it started as soon as I got home from work on Friday - Richard in a bit of panic, local butcher had his phone off the hook, could I go down there and order the sausages.  Oh and while I was out could I get the serviettes, onions, sauce and soft drink.  I spent Saturday morning cutting up onions and then off to the butchers for the sausages and supermarket for bread.  Up to the cricket, helped set up the canteen, stocked the fridge, cooked, cut more onions, served... and then early afternoon all called off due to rain - great come back tomorrow. 

Back again Sunday and yes the sun shone so the boys managed to play all day.  Spent most of the day by myself as it wasn't that busy...tried to read more of "Marley and me" in between customers and cooking.  I think I managed about 20 pages.  Wasn't an overly exciting way to spend the weekend but didn't mind because that's what you do when you're part of a committee and made sense really as most of the committee were in the teams to play cricket.

What I really really really missed was seeing my friends. I spoke for about 10 minutes to one of the other mums but then had to go and cook more sausages, other than that the only other women I spoke with was about "onions or no onions" or "turn left for the toilet".  No girl friends, no chit chat, no afternoon tea with my friend just boys, balls and boxes...would I do it again...of course I'll just make sure I have some girl time lined up for the evening.

Oh and guess what, we won't be having sausages and onions for a very long time in this house.

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