Monday, November 29, 2010

Mission complete...

Every year for work I need to get 6 updating points so I can be accreditated for the next year.  Tomorrow is the last day for an online workshop that is compulsory this year and is also worth 3 points.  I've got 4 points already from other workshops I've been to this year and now finally I've finished the compulsory workshop too - with a day to spare!  That means all points accrued - yeah.

I'm a "last minute" person.  I try not to be but it just comes naturally...I used to think it happened after I had children, but upon reflection I can remember preparing accounts the day before a meeting, typing minutes up just before the next meeting (something I'm still guilty of), buying the birthday present on the way to the birthday party etc., way before children came along.  I do sometimes get my ahead of myself and finish work way before I have to.  I must admit that it does feel good and I feel like I'm then free to do whatever I want with the time I have spare.

So what will  I do with my one day spare this time - well obviously, blog and read more of  "Committed'.

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