Sunday, November 21, 2010

A weekend with women

After spending last weekend with none of my girl friends I had the pleasure of their company yesterday.

I started the morning with cricket at Callington.

Callington is a small rural town about 20 minutes up the freeway from where I live.
A small cricket club who often rely on younger boys playing in the next age group so they can field a team.
They are also one of the only clubs who run a canteen for Saturday morning cricket.

I really enjoy watching the boys play cricket on Saturday.  I especially love playing cricket at Callington
because of the

Egg and bacon sandwiches

Kanmantoo bacon and free range eggs. Mmmmmm

Every so often a train rattles past on the tracks behind us - well the only exception so far has been when I took this photo!

I spent the some of the afternoon preparing and cooking the bbq for the club in the evening.  More time spent with girls...

and yes I am a messy cook...don't ask me how I got the back tiles covered in stuff...

and yes we had wine and bubbles to drink...and I know I'm not the best photographer in the world but maybe i'll blame the camera or maybe the bubbles...

The only thing missing, music, but that's only because the juke box ate my money.

PS by the time we went home it was dark...lovely day with lovely girls.


Enchanted Moments said...

Nothing beats the SA country side, love it....
Hope you sold lots of sangers....x

JCS said...

Overcatered but better that than running out. We had a table full of salads and fruit platters too, while they all didn't get eaten hungry people made a dent in them. Was a lovely day/night. xx

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