Friday, November 19, 2010

"Committed" by Elizabeth Gilbert

How could I not choose this book for my choice this month.  I did say I wasn't being original - I chose "eat, pray, love" when it came out. 

The funny thing is I didn't even know this book existed until yesterday - obviously the publicity machine isn't working too well in "the hills".  I researched so many books on Tuesday and Wednesday night as I really wanted a book with a Christmas theme but had no luck finding one that sounded ok and was available at the library.  I said to Richard before heading off to work that I was just going to walk into the bookshop and the first thing that grabbed me was "it".

So I headed off after work, stopped at the library to, surprise surprise, "return a book" and there it was in the "hot read section".  I was so excited - rushed over to the bookshop and right at the entrance was a whole display of them.  Had a quick read of the blurb and then rushed over to Target to see if they had the book cheaper - wahoo - $9 cheaper.  It was my lucky day.

I so enjoyed "eat, pray, love".  Haven't been able to watch the movie yet tho - not sure I quite saw Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert so that's been a bit of a block - maybe when it comes out on DVD.  Fingers crossed I enjoy "Comitted" too and more importantly "the bookclub girls" do as well. 

Now, I've got 4 weeks to plan dessert.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend and think of me as I cook another BBQ for the cricket club this time with my girl friends helping and some bubbles.

PS  Our front cover for this book is prettier and more romantic looking than the one above.


Enchanted Moments said...

Goodness, dont get sizzled like a sausage! I think its going to be a warm weekend...x

Heidi said...

I wish I had time to read a great book, Our youngest went to school this year,so you would think I would have a little time to read but the day seems to just fly by!
you have a sweet blog.

JCS said...

Hi Heidi, I hardly did any reading when the boys were little and of course if I sat down to read they expected it to be their book. I love being in a bookclub because I have to read the book of the month. Thanks for your comment, I love it when someone writes something - like a child with a new toy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Stumbled across your blog & realised that we share a few things. I live in South Australia too, however I'm at the beach end & guess what book I'm reading at the moment... yes its Committed! I'm only a third of the way through & after a slow start I'm quite liking it although very different to Eat Pray Love.
I'm busy overhauling my blog page at the moment but I'll check in again soon. Crazy weather but loving it!

JCS said...

Hi. I've haven't picked Committed up for quite a few days...but really must get a move on as bookclub is next week. Good to know that someone else found it a bit slow at the beginning and really good to know that you're liking it now. A bit of inspiration to get reading. Cheers Judith

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