Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Marley and Me

I've started reading the book for bookclub - "Marley and Me".  A friend told me to read it with tissues.  Just what I need, a book to make me cry, but then I thought about it and decided to get straight into it cause we all know that on a bad day even a sooky television commercial can make me cry. One sad moment already, but hey I was having a good day when I read it so no tears. 

We're lucky enough to share our lives with 2 puppies - Julius and Lulu.

Julius the Blue Heeler X

Lulu the Kelpie/Doberman X

Julius was 8 months and Lulu 3 months when we bought then from the Animal Shelter in April.  Julius had been hit around by his previous owners so is terrified when visitors come to the house or if we go for a walk and there are lots of people around.  Lulu would just like to love everyone.  We've been having visits from a dog trainer to help us help Julius with his behaviour when people to visit.

Lulu loves to steal toilet rolls and they have ripping good fun.

And just like Marley, they've grown...


The French Bear said...

Oh my goodness!!! Ha ha, I came over to say hi, never thought I would laugh soooo hard!!!! You just have to love them, look at those faces!!!!!
Margaret B

JCS said...

They certainly are very lovable and very very messy. It's just like having toddlers in the house again. Thanks for coming over Margaret.
Cheers, Judith

A Room For Everyone said...

It's a wonderful book, isn't it? Have you watched the film? Also very moving.. I just love your dogs and well done for rescuing them. Dogs are one of the noblest creatures..Have a lovely Sunday..Rachaelxx

JCS said...

Thanks Rachael. I haven't seen the movie - one of those ones I keep meaning to get. I'm half way through the book and now have 4 nights in which to finish. Bookclub is on Thursday night. I've been too busy reading the blogs I enjoy instead of reading the book. Hope you have a lovely Sunday too. Cheers, Judith.

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