Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bookclub girls

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Tonight was bookclub, one of my highlights for the month.  There's 6 of us and we take it in turns to choose a book to read.  If it's your turn you also host the evening.  I don't think I actually realised when bookclub started how important it would become to me.  I was lucky enough to be friends with the girls before bookclub (some I knew better than others)  but over the years have come to treasure our nights together.  We were at J's tonight.  I think I ate too much chocolate while we chatted about the book and then dessert was a gooey chocolate fondant with a side serve of white chocolate and raspberry mousse.  Add in the champagne and cup of tea and my stomach feels like it's expanded 2 sizes. But it was sooo good.

We do have "structure" to the evening - champagne, nibbles and book discussion then dessert, cuppa and the unveiling of the next book with plenty of chit chat in between.  I think we are getting "more brazen" for want of a better description with our chit chat and I love it.  M and C take notes in the books/journals that J made for us all.  They record key words, book details and dessert details and V maintains a running list of books read - thank goodness someone thought to do that at the very beginning.

We're all off to C's house in 4 weeks time.  In the meantime we'll be reading "A Gate at the Stairs" by Lorrie Moore.  Happy dessert hunting C.

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