Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Never a man around when you need one

There I was head stuck in the pantry trying to find the plain flour - seriously someone has to declutter in here - when the youngest teenager  "M" comes up and says "Mum I think someone is in the back garden".  Great my husband, "R" is out with the eldest teenager "T" so that means I'm "it".  The puppies are going wild, the security lights have come on and M says he heard the gate creaking as it does when you open it.

Do I go out the front or the back?  Do I go solo or take the puppies?  Should I pretend I'm talking to someone on the phone and casually wander out or charge out?  None of those, I peeked out the curtains knowing I'd be a screaming mess if someone was actually standing there.  Nothing...feeling brave I ventured out to the back garden - every possible light on, carrying a torch, with the puppies and M for company. Nothing...that's right absolutely no-one there, both gates still shut and no footsteps running off into the distance.  Did I feel better - no - back inside, shut every window, pulled all the curtains and locked the doors.  What's that sound? Me breathing a sigh of relief when I heard R and T come home from basketball.  I so don't like being "it".

Took the quiz "Where does your family fall on the cleaning spectrum?" from "Cut the Clutter".  I'm a "moderate mopper with a house that is clean enough to be healthy yet dirty enough to be a home."  Tho it did follow up with "I occasionally slip a bit too far towards slapdash". Only occasionally, I wish...

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