Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cut the clutter continued...

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Still going on cutting the clutter - not very successfully I might add.  The book has taken a different slant than what I was expecting...I've skimmed my way through quite a large section the past couple of nights.  Read with interest the "Declutter your wardrobe" section.  So I can only keep clothing "if it fits - today, is clean, unstained and in good repair, I've worn it within the last year and I love it unconditionally".. 

Oh dear there goes half my wardrobe...can I give away that blue shirt that I haven't worn in maybe 2 years...I don't think so.  What about my favourite white shirt that even M says I shouldn't wear anymore (must be unsuitable if a teenage boy notices) - I love that shirt so we'll have to compromise - I promise faithfully only to wear it for gardening - lol!!!! Might have to pretend I didn't read this section - too many things I'd have to part with.

Skipped the section on how to care for my clothes - washing instructions, stain removal etc etc etc.  Also the section on how to clean the house and furniture...boring...remember I passed the test for how clean my house was earlier on in the book. Oh no a section on how to maintain my plumbing - house plumbing that is not my personal plumbing - blah, blah, blah.  Finally, "Decluttering the hallway"... oh bother my hallway is that narrow that it's impossible to clutter. 

As an old friend would say - TTFN - ta ta for now.

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