Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ok who's got a, two in one get one free...don't we love those bargains.  Must admit tho that this is one gizmo that I use a lot.  Not quite sure it works as well as advertised but that's ok it still does some of it.  I read a few pages of "Cut the Clutter" last night - where to start....
  • 21 days to form a habit - only work on one habit at a time - that means you can form 17 new habits a year with 2 weeks off.  Tick.  One new habit happening...make bed every morning.
  • Declutter in 15 minutes hits...hahahaha...I'll never declutter in my life time then.
  • Make a "to do list" - morning and afternoon versions
  • Make a "Daily to do list", "weekly", "monthly" and very importantly "seasonal" as well.  And the list making went on and on and on...I'd never get anything done but make lists.
So I think I'll skip the list making and move onto "Food - plan, save, organise, store".

Tick. I do make a shopping list - one brownie point for me.  Just going to skip the rest of that section tho and get down to the decluttering of the fridge, pantry and cupboards.  Of course mustn't forget to do the washing, shopping, general housework and I do think maybe an escape into a fiction book for a while, cause a girl can't live by non-fiction alone.  Happy Saturday.

ps if you're a make a list person "Cut the Clutter" recommends OrganizedHome.Com for lots of ready to go lists.

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Shirley said...

I'm a list person. Does help... Gotta ind time to make the list tho' and I'm easily distracted

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