Sunday, September 11, 2011

Naughty Lulu

We celebrated my niece's 21st birthday last night.  She organised a party at a pub in North Adelaide.  I've spent a lot of time trying to buy something new to wear and finally last shop yesterday afternoon I found it.

It was a good night out and I felt nice in my new clothes - nothing too exciting - had to be practical, you know dress it up or dress it down.  So I left the shop with a new top, trousers and of course some bling.

So why the naughty Lulu title?

Obviously you have to wear shoes when you go out and to finish my look last night I slipped on my all time favourite Italian sandals. 

I love these shoes, pretty little heel, love the flower shape of the straps and they look sweet on.  I bought them from a little boutique down the main street. Lulu obviously loved them too this morning.

Somehow I think I wore them for the last time last night.

Lulu hasn't chewed any shoes for agesssssss.  Why these ones?  Why not my $30 slip ons?  Needless to say a certain little dog is in the bad books.


Rebecca said...

Not funny Lulu!

Judith said...

Tell me about it. Sitting next to my sandals were a pair of the boys' thongs. Obviously being a girl she chose the girlie shoes.

Phoebe said...

oh no!!! Naughty thing! What a shame!

Ollie likes eating everything of mine! Clothes, shoes, under garments, plants, EVERYTHING!

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