Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shot glasses

We headed off to the North Adelaide Vintage and Fashion Fair this afternoon.  We've been before and last time I found some dessert cutlery that is the same as the one that Mum and Dad gave us as a wedding present.  There was a serving spoon and fork there today that matched but it didn't "sing to me" so we left it there.

Michael came with us today, he decided it was better than sitting at home, well marginally better.  He was surprised at the cost of some of the old stuff and that so many women were hunting through old clothes.

Surprisingly nothing tickled my fancy today but Richard couldn't leave these behind.

He remembered on Sunday night after their roast dinner, his parents would always have a drink of Creme de Menthe in a little glass.  So we had to bring these homes.  Not sure if I'm up for a drink of Creme de Menthe but maybe a sip of Bailey's Irish Cream would be ok.

First day of the holidays tomorrow and I'm taking Michael to sit for his "L" plates - 

I've lost count of how many times he's practised the test online.  He's excited and I'm nervous....


Enchanted Moments said...

Nice glasses...harlequin glass, as they call it is very popular at the moment. In sweet bowls, parfait glasses you need to find everything that matches that etched pattern!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh yes, a Baileys in those glasses would be perfect. By the wood fire of course! Good luck for the drivers test today.

Judith said...

I'm not confident with the learners test today Rebecca. I really hope he get's it but, I'm not sure he will.

Thank you Suzanne, I wondered what the glass was called. I'll be able to google it now.

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